June 21-23, 2024

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Connecting Research with the world

This year, our annual International Symposium will go Beyond Words to explore communication. We will celebrate the richness of languages and dialects in Spain and the UK and their role in advancing research and knowledge dissemination. We will also explore the importance of non-verbal communication and how gestures, facial expressions, body language, and visual representations play a crucial role in conveying complex ideas and emotions. From scientific illustrations to interactive exhibits and multimedia presentations, we will showcase the power of non-verbal communication in research and innovation.

Newcastle upon Tyne, our host city, offers the perfect backdrop for this exploration. Renowned for its vibrant culture and history. Nowhere better to deep into dialects than Newcastle, famous for its distinctive Geordie dialect, a testament to the city’s unique linguistic heritage. 

Join us as we embark on a journey of discovery, embracing linguistic diversity and unlocking the potential of non-verbal communication to connect research with the world in ways that transcend words. Mark your calendars and prepare to be inspired “Beyond Words” in Newcastle upon Tyne!


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Abstract submission for
SRUK/CERU Members is open!
Submit yours during registration
or at the SRUK/CERU Members Zone
Deadline: 03/06/2024

“What I loved the most was the variety of topics that were covered during the Symposium.”


“Being able to network, meet so many new people, and feel motivated to volunteer at SRUK/CERU was the most enjoyable experience at this year’s Symposium.”

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Event Schedule​

We have designed every single session of this year’s Symposium so that you can make the most of every session you attend! Below, you can find a temporary schedule, which we shall update as soon as the details of some sessions are closed.
Keep an eye here and on our social media for updates!

Day 1


Registration & Welcome

Venue: King’s Hall (Armstrong Building).


Opening Ceremony

Ana Viñuela, this year’s Symposium chair, will lead this session, followed by Irene Echeverria Altuna (SRUK/CERU President) and the Society’s sponsors.


Keynote Speaker: Dr Margarita del Val

Biography: read more about the speaker


Finger food and beverages will be provided.


End of Reception

Day 2



Venue: Frederick Douglass Centre


SRUK/CERU Annual General Meeting

SRUK/CERU Members only.


Registration & Coffee Break

Session sponsored by Axencia Galega.


Society’s Awards

Announcement of SRUK/CERU awardees.

Awards to be delivered:

Lunch & Poster Session


Round Table

Embracing Linguistic Diversity: Regional Languages in Research


Coffee Break & Poster Session


Session Illustration in Science

Session 1

Presenter: Miriam Rivera

Session 2


End of official activities


Super Social Dinner

Venue: Castro’s

Day 3



Venue: Frederick Douglass Centre


Workshop: Communicating without words

Presenter: Sarah McLusky

Coffee Break & SRUK/CERU Members Presentations


Keynote Speaker: Prof Ron Dunbar (University of Edinburgh)

Biography: read more about the speaker


Attendees who need to leave sooner, will be handed a packed lunch

Our Venue

The 11th SRUK/CERU Symposium 2024 will take place at  Newcastle University. Founded in 1834 as a School of Medicine and Surgery, the university was once part of the federal University of Durham but became the University of Newcastle upon Tyne in 1963. The University has a long history moving beyond words, as it is considered the birthplace of pop art. The Hatton Gallery, part of the Newcastle University Fine Art Building has hosted exhibitions of artists such as Richard Hamilton or Eduardo Paolozzi, which allow the institution to claim its role in the emergence of the art movement of the late 1950s that mixes imagery from advertising, comic books and other mass-produced objects.

Newcastle University
Newcastle upon Tyne


Venue & Accessibility

Find all the details regarding the venue that will host this year’s Symposium and accessibility information


Transport & Accommodation

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SRUK/CERU is committed to a healthy work/life balance and strongly encourages child-friendly events


SRUK/CERU was created in July 2011 (officially established in June 2012) to promote communication within the community of Spanish Researchers working in the United Kingdom by creating a social network that facilitates the sharing of professional and life experiences. The association has encouraged this communication via the establishment of Constituencies throughout the UK and Departments and Committees supporting our activity.

During all these years of intense and pioneering work, SRUK/CERU has consolidated as a society that brings together Spanish researchers in the UK to give them a united voice that impacts society, influences science policy and closes the gap between researchers in the UK and Spain.

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